Well, it is my first full week of Weight Watchers and since I started the program on June 22nd, I’ve lost 6.2 pounds. In some ways it feels like it’s only a drop in a 500 gallon barrel, but you know what? It’s progress and I’ll be proud of myself whether it’s 1 pound or 16 because any weight lost is that much less my joints have to carry around. I’m 100% for that. I have a long way to go, but for the first 10 days, 6.2 isn’t too shabby.

I know that all of this is going to come together for the greater good and to help me reach my goal. Which is to lose weight and be able to start testosterone. Eye on the prize. Because I’ve totally got this.

I’ve been having trouble focusing and concentrating at work for months now and when I went to the doctor, I found out I’m anemic and have tanked vitamin D. So that explains at least part of that. My anxiety is probably accounting for the rest of it, to be honest. I had a conversation with my boss about it and I’m working on getting my levels back up to where they need to be. I’m already sleeping better. I haven’t slept good in months and for the last week I’ve been not only sleeping better, but getting more rest than I have in a long time.

Overall, I know I have a long way to go, but I’m also stoked about the progress I’m making so quickly.



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