Doctors and Hormones and Name Changes Oh My!

I have had the title to this blog saved as a draft since November 9th. It’s now the 28th and I’m forcing myself to write this blog because every time I”ve gone to write it I either get interrupted or distracted or I’m just not in the mood to do it. But there are a lot of really exciting things happening and I feel like I should be sharing this with everyone in my virtual bubble, too, not just the people I interact with face to face. And I promise y’all, I will start doing better at this because now I have no major distractions once again to keep me from doing it.

So where to start.

Well, November 1st, I officially started my “new” job. My boss sold her CPA firm to a firm in Joplin so technically I’m working over there now. I’m getting a full 40 hours a week where I was on 35 before. I don’t have to answer phones or greet people, I’m literally in the corner farthest away from the door in a cubicle and it’s my quiet little work space and I love it. For the next few weeks, I’ll likely be working in Baxter still as this office doesn’t close until the first of the year and there are still a lot of transitional things that need to be wrapped up here before I go to Joplin full time again. But it’s going great. I’m Heath over there and my emails and everything reflect such and it’s just a good environment. Having to adjust to having coworkers again, but they’re all pretty nice people, so it’s all good. And since my bubble’s back in the corner, if I need a quiet retreat, all I have to do is put some headphones in and listen to music and I can escape and still work.

I had my first HRT consult on the 4th of this month. I did it via Zoom with my doctor at KU in Kansas City. I went to Mom’s to do it as she had 30 questions about things and I figured – well – I did tell her that I wanted her to go through this with me, so why not? I had to go through medical history and all that kind of stuff. Going in, I didn’t think that I’d leave with being pretty much ready to start testosterone, but that’s exactly what happened. I got orders for blood work and once I went and did that, then they reviewed it and ta-da I’m healthy enough to start! I did my first shot on the 17th. Aside from the headache that comes along with it, I’m not noticing any other side effects. Oh – well – except the oily skin factor. I’ve had to take up a skin care routine of a 15 year old again. I started noticing the oily skin and I was like listen I’m not doing this as an adult. So I got the stuff to keep this baby face feeling like a baby face. Complete with cocoa butter lotion for the post-violating cleansing aftercare. Yep. I said it.

I keep trying to make myself do YouTube videos just to have an audible and visual representation without having to do both separately, but I just hate seeing myself on camera. So I don’t know maybe I’ll get brave enough to do it. Today’s not the day though.

On the 22nd, I went to the lawyer and officially filed the petition for my legal name change, too. It was the best Christmas gift ever from one of my favorite people on this planet and I will never ever be able to express to her what it means to me. Though she already knows because she’s my person. When I signed that petition as “Heather Nicole Bradley” for the last time that I will have to do that probably ever, it was a whole thing. My attorney’s husband and I used to work at the bank together like 20 years ago and he’s always kind of been like a big brother to me. So when I had to get it notarized, I was so glad he was working that day. Just kind of an added cool factor in this whole process that he’s the one that got to notarize it. So anyway, that’s filed and now we wait for the next step. But holy moly having Heath on my legal documents instead of Heather is just going to push me that much harder and give me that much more motivation to keep clawing my way through this whole process.

I promise I will try to do better at updates and I will keep y’all informed of everything that’s going on. Things have been a whirlwind for a couple of months now and I’m hoping that the dust will settle soon because I am exhausted. But I appreciate each and every one of you being here for me.


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